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We provide accounting, HR and payroll services


Why choose us?

  • We have 15 years of experience in the accounting and HR services market.

  • We employ qualified, experienced workers.  

  • We provide a friendly atmosphere.

  • We serve our clients in Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian 

Monika Marton Księgowość Wieliczka

In our company, we value:

  • CUSTOMER WELL-BEING - we care about money, safety and customer success - we advise, advise against, inform

  • PROFESSIONALISM - we work reliably and conscientiously based on our substantive knowledge and experience

  • QUICK REACTION - you can count on us in difficult situations - we help solve problems

  • RESPECT - we respect the client and his time

  • HONESTY - we conduct our business in an ethical and legal manner

In our company, we value:

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